Sweden Oil-free by 2020

The country that brought us Volvo, Saab, ABBA, and Aqua are preparing their latest export: freedom from oil.
According to John Vidal of the U.K. news source The Guardian, Sweden has been preparing for months to move away from an oil-based infrastructure, a first among the major Western powers. This goal is in response to environmental concerns and dwindling oil resources. Says Mona Sahlin, minister of sustainable development, “"a Sweden free of fossil fuels would give us enormous advantages, not least by reducing the impact from fluctuations in oil prices. The price of oil has tripled since 1996."

The country plans to be practically oil-free by the year 2020. Currently, fossil fuels are used primarily in transportation with hydroelectric and nuclear energy sources providing much of the country’s electrical needs. Biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, are being considered as oil-replacements.

Other countries with goals to move away from oil use include Iceland and Brazil.

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