Volkswagen's new American ad campaign is reviving the faux-German that gave us its unique (and unpronounceable) 'Fahrvergnugen' slogan.

The first TV commercials for the new campaign are already out - the GTI commercials urging drivers to "Make friends with your fast."

Next up is a print ad campaign that emphasizes the brand's German heritage. Not only will we get fractured German phrases like "Straight outta da Autobahn," "Fast as schnell," and "Unpimp Mein Auto," but we also get a hot spokesmodel! Yes, in a move that must have been inspired by that B-movie classic, "Helga, the she-wolf of the SS," the ad agency has created VW's very own Helga, a leggy blonde in a skintight dress with white go-go boots and a German accent. (What, no whip?) Ja, vee haf vays of making you buy zis car...

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