Connecticut-based Porsche race and street specialists Farnbacher Loles have announced that they will unveil their home-grown Porsche Cayman GTR at the 12 Hours of Sebring race weekend in mid-March.

The Cayman GTR answers the question a lot of Porsche enthusiasts have been asking since Porsche carefully spec'd the Cayman to slot into the company's well-ordered price/performance hierarchy between the Boxster S and the 911 - what would the Cayman do with a top-line powerplant? Is it a possible 911-killer?

We should know soon. The GTR carries a Porsche 3.8-liter S or X-51 engine, in either 375 hp or 405 hp versions. Farnbacher Loles used their extensive experience with racing Porsches to upgrade the suspension to provide dynamic performance to match the new power. The car gets Porsche Cup-style front end bodywork, 19-inch wheels, and a higher-downforce rear spoiler based on the height-adjustable mechanism of the standard Cayman unit.

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