DaimlerChrysler to bow down to Jeep Gladiator concept's charms?

Never got around to buying a Scrambler? The demi-bed pickup (based on the evergreen Jeep CJ) last sold in America in 1986, but was never forgotten by fans of the marque. And while Jeep devotees have long clamored for a new iteration, under DaimlerChrysler's umbrella the going theory has been that Auburn Hlls has remained resistant to the idea, for fear of upsetting Dodge dealers.

But in the face of 2005's impressive Gladiator concept, that resistance may be crumbling. According to Automotive News' Rick Krantz, the chorus of voices within DCX calling for a Jeep pickup is growing. And as it is based on an existing production-ready architecture (the 2007 Wrangler), the line extension appears to make a decidedly attractive business case.

Sadly, in something of a footnote, AN is also reporting that the rumored four-door Chrysler 300C drophead appears to be losing favor among the company's executives, though no final decision appears to have been made yet.

[Source: Automotive News via AutoWeek]

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