Ford disputes Chevy sales crown

Ah, yes, there's nothing like a good pissing match in the auto industry. Chevy last month claimed that it had taken the top spot away from the Ford brand, showing sales data that indicated a slight (17,000-unit) Bowtie edge over the Blue Oval.

But now Ford has fired back, stating that if registrations are used to indicate popularity, it had a 5,000-unit (0.19%) lead over Chevrolet. The automaker wants GM to pull what it now considers to be misleading advertisements, but GM CEO Rick Wagoner is standing by his company's claims.

Some might say that this whole thing seems much like two bald men fighting over a comb and that perhaps the companies should focus their energies not on each other but instead on competitors such as Toyota. But somewhere in Detroit there are probably several people who really think this is the most important thing in the world.

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