Video: "Hey, buddy.... you wanna buy an airbag?"

Safety, apparently, is becoming big business in the underworld.

Knoxville Tennesee's ABC affiliate, WATE 6 News purchased a bogus airbag online for just $100, which it then had examined by a repair shop owner and auto insurance representative. Despite statistics by the Institute for Highway Safety showing that airbags reduce death by 20% last year (as well as serious injuries), repair shop technicians and even unscrupulous vehicle owners have been installing fake airbags to reduce repair costs. Note that while it is illegal for a shop to install a fake airbag, it is not yet illegal to sell them or owners to install them in their own vehicles.

While the story isn't exactly "news," it does serve as a timely reminder for used car hunters, and the video link offers a few suggestions on how to ensure an airbag is real and functioning properly.


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