Autobytel reports consumers comparing vehicles 1.5 million times online/month

For those involved with the online automotive journalism industry, it would appear that would-be consumers are researching their next car purchases online every second.

To listen to Autobytel's latest announcement, that assumption is about half right. According to the firm's Automotive Information Center (AIC) consumer information program, point-by-point vehicle comparisons on their AutoComparator system are being carried out at a rate of every two seconds in the North American market. The company's comparison engine is found on some 25 websites, including third party consumer and manufacturer websites alike.

That breaks down to about 1.5 million comparisons per month (and that's just where AIC is involved), and a much larger percentage of informed consumers.

How has your new car shopping regime changed as a result of the Internet? Do you feel more empowered as a consumer, or simply overwhelmed with information?


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