Top Gear U.K. marathon on Discovery Channel RIGHT NOW!!!

We have returned home from our trip to Chicago to find an inbox full of tips from surprised readers who are planted in front of their TVs with mouths agape at what they are watching: a marathon on the Discovery Channel featuring the U.K. version of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson and the boys in all their glory are on our telles right now. It started at 7PM Thursday evening and will end with the last show airing at 2AM Friday morning. Though the DSC Channel is airing eight episodes, three of them are repeated during the too-short marathon.

What’s the deal? One reader suggested the channel may be “gearing” up for the launch of the U.S. version. Quite frankly, would anyone really mind if the kebosh were put on the U.S. project and we were given back our beloved U.K. version?

[Thanks to everyone who sent a tip!]

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