Undoubtedly the biggest intro of Day 1 at the Chicago Auto Show was the unveiling of the Dodge Caliber SRT-4. It's a monster machine with a turbocharged 2.4L four-cylinder that produces an unbelievable 300 hp and routes it through the front wheels. That's right, its FWD.

Everyone in McCormick has been talking about the number of rubber donuts you'll go through trying to get the new SRT-4 to hook up, which got us wondering how many people would be interested in paying a little extra for the additional adhesion provided an AWD driveline.

Keep in mind, we have no idea yet how much the Caliber SRT-4 will cost, so this poll may be a bit presumptious. But assuming the car goes for around $23K, which we think is a reasonable guesstimate, would you pay an additional $3K or so for the benefits of AWD (don't forget the weight penalty, though)?
Would you go for a $26-27K AWD Dodge Caliber SRT-4?
Absolutely, four driven wheels are always better than two.
Nope, I'll save the few thousand for Mopar upgrades.

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