Ford to create "Ethanol Corridor"

At a Chicago Auto Show press conference today, Ford announced the latest of its environmental initiatives, a "Midwest Ethanol Corridor."

With production of FlexFuel vehicles running way ahead of the availability of E85 fuel (or any blend with more ethanol than E10), Ford announced a campaign to expand E85 availability by about one-third in Illinois and Missouri this year, via its partnership with VeraSun Energy.

Before we get too excited, it turns out that this means converting about 40 pumps to E85 across the two states. Certainly a good start, but not quite what you envision when you hear "Ethanol Corridor."

In a related announcement, Ford will work with the city of Chicago to encourage taxicabl companies to add hybrid vehicles to their fleets. The Ford Escape Hybrid is already being used with success by taxi operators in New York and San Francisco.

[Source: Ford]

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