Audi 2006 TT Special Edition commemorates final year of production

Audi makes it sound as if the TT will be no more after the 2006 model year, which we assume is not actually the case since spy shots of a redesigned model are readily available around the net.

Regardless, to commemorate this TT’s final year, Audi is producing 99 TT Special Edition coupes and 99 TT Special Edition roadsters. The number 99 is meant to mark the 99th anniversary of the first Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man in 1907, after which the coupe is named.

The cars will come with the venerable corporate VW narrow-angled 3.2L V6 that produces 250-hp/236 ft-lbs. of torque mated to the stellar six-speed DSG gearbox. Special Edition bi-color nine-spoke 18-inch wheels add a bit of exclusivity, as does the engraved glovebox badge that indicates “1 of 99” and so on. For the asking price of $43,539 for the coupe and $46,539 for the roadster, owners will, of course, get Audi’s full complement of luxury standard features, as well.

[Source: Audi]

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