Are speed bumps a form of discrimination?

The kingdom of Fife, in Scotland, U.K., is facing an interesting dilemma. According to the BBC News, Judith McCorrie, a disability rights advocate, is launching a petition to have the Fife Council remove the speed bumps on the kingdom’s roads. She claims driving over them causes pain in people, including herself, who have certain disabilities or suffer chronic pain. She adds that since affected drivers take alternate routes to avoid the speed bumps, she states they are a form of discrimination.
The Fife Council replied that it had considered a number of speed reduction methods and tailored each one to the needs of the specific areas. Bob McLellan, the director of transport services for Fife, said, "If vehicles are travelling at appropriate speeds within the 20mph area then no discernible discomfort should be afforded to the vehicle user or passengers.”

What is your view? BBC News published several responses from its readers in reaction of the events in Fife.

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