We're headed out to the 2006 Chicago Auto Show... anyone need anything?

We, your humble Autoblog emissaries have our bags packed, laptops charged and camera lenses de-fingerprinted. In short, we're fixin' to descend on the City of Big Shoulders via planes, trains and automobiles. Ok, so maybe not trains, but perhaps we'll hop the 'L' if we get a hankerin' for some deep dish.

Regardless, the 2006 Chicago Auto Show's media preview kicks off on Wednesday, and we'll be on the floor to bring you the Full McCormick, with the web's quickest and most complete coverage of each debut, along with all the attendant hoopla as it unfurls.

But in addition to covering the numerous unveilings (Toyota Tundra, Lincoln Navigator, Bentley Continental GTC, Saturn Aura, etc.), we're looking to harness the thoughts and minds of our readership by taking requests. Yep, like your favorite radio station of yore, we're appealing to you and asking for ideas on what you'd like to see more coverage of. Did we miss something in Detroit or Los Angeles? Want a peek under the hood of the Mazda CX-7? Desperately need to see the new Camry's cupholders in action? Ask! While we can't guarantee we'll get to every single request, we'll do our level best to get to as many as we can.

Either way, be sure to tune your browsers in to Autoblog on Wednesday and Thursday for a full accounting of all the Windy City action throughout both days. See you there!

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