2006 Accord Hybrid gets less power, lower mileage, more weight and higher price

Because of the SAE’s new system for rating horsepower, the Accord Hybrid’s 3.0L V6 will see a small drop in horsepower from 255 to 253 for the 2006 model year. It’s the same engine making the same power, but the new rating method system more accurately reflects the engine’s true power.

Due to Honda’s decision to also add a standard moonroof and spare tire, the hot rod hybrid’s weight has crept up by 88 lbs, as well. The extra weight will cause a descrease in the Accord Hybrid’s EPA mileage numbers from 29 city/37 highway to 25 city/24 highway. That sounds like a big decrease in mileage from a relatively small weight increase, so we're guessing Honda may have also chose to voluntarily reduce the mileage numbers to better match the vehicle's "real world" mileage.

Oh yeah, and to top it all off, Honda has raised the price of the Accord Hybrid by $850 for 2006.

On the bright side, the Accord Hybrid does get the standard Accord’s new face and rear, the latter of which is a big improvement over the previous model’s hind quarters.

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