Geneva Preview: EDAG Biwak VW concept

Scheduled for its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show is this VW New Beetle-based Biwak (German for bivouac) concept car from German engineering firm EDAG.

As the sketches show, the Beetle has been converted into a small station wagon with a rather unusual styling theme. Let's let the folks at EDAG explain: "With the version for the Geneva Show, EDAG are going all out for a provocative exterior – the EDAG Biwak look was inspired by the spirit of the grunge movement of the early 1990s, and takes up a successful trend in the fashion branch. A daring mix of materials in the interior and exterior, and patina instead of a high-gloss finish dominate the appearance of the avantgarde Beetle, which signals understatement and individuality for a new generation of vehicle owners."

Maybe there'll be a Nirvana special edition... More sketches after the jump.

The Biwak will debut alongside EDAG's hardtop version of the Pontiac Solstice.

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