Parallel parking is sooo yesterday

Lori Borgman of the IndyStar provides an interesting and humorous piece on parallel parking and how today's drivers have been spoiled by their high-tech cars.

She describes Toyota’s “Intelligent Parking Assist” system that allows, with the push of a few buttons and an occasionally tap on the brake pedal, for the car to parallel park itself.

Borgman claims she doesn’t need such a system, pointing out how she does it (parallel park) “…after 25 tries!”

She then continues on how the youth of today have it easier, learning how to parallel park while she “...used real people. If you tapped one of them, you not only failed the test, you had to pay their medical bills and take their place as a marker.”

Personally, we want the tailgater sensor with reader board so we can customize our own "warning" message.

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