Toyota's 'Special Services Campaign" almost sounds like something owners vie to be accepted into. One can't help but picture some sort of exclusive concierge service for high-end buyers. Well, that or some kind of top-secret covert-ops initiative launched from deep within the Pentagon.

The reality, however, is somewhat more prosaic. It's a Toyota/Lexus market-speak euphemism for 'recall.' In this case, the Japanese automaker is issuing a SSC for around 3,900 Lexus  RX-330's from early in the 2004 model year.

The recall SSC involves the seat belt anchor bolt for the rear, left-side passenger buckle, which might not have "sufficient strength" (does this mean said hardware is side-specific?). The action comes after a single complaint of substandard anchor bolts.

Lexus will begin notifying owners of affected vehicles soon via first-class mail, with nary a concierge or covert operative in sight.

[Source: Toyota via PRNewswire]

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