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Ford to Dearborn Truck Factory workers: Drive with us, or walk

Starting on February 1, all non-Blue Oval vehicles will be banned from parking adjacent to the Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn Truck Factory. Employees of the plant who drive such vehicles will have to park in the employee parking lot across the road and walk over to the factory.
According to Jerry Sullivan, president of the local UAW chapter, the reason the company and the union are implementing the rule is to support their employer and to get people’s attention.

"Everybody's in this together," Sullivan said. "(We need) to buy the products we make and support the company. This is a good start."

The Dearborn Truck Factory is the only plant to enact the ban so far among Ford's facilities. Reaction from other union members and the public thus far has been mixed. Ford is not the only domestic automaker to implement such a policy: General Motors' Warren Technical Center has separate parking facilities for non-GM vehicles.

[Thanks, Jason, Wilson, etc. for the tip.]

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