Hyundai goes into panic mode over falling dollar

The value of the US dollar has taken a digger as of late, and the weakening of that currency relative to the Korean won has sent Hyundai into full-on emergency mode. Since 76% of Hyundai's business is in exports, and since a large portion of that is in the US, this is quite a serious issue - the company currently faces a revenue decrease of over $1.5B and a profit drop of about $800M for every 10% drop in the dollar's value.

One of Hyundai's analysts is calling for the expansion of production at the company's new Alabama facility, as this would decrease its sensitivity to fluctuating currency exchange rates. As far as I can tell, though, it was not suggested that the US stop spending like a drunken sailor in order to strengthen the dollar.

Thanks to reader Glenn for the tip!

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