GM donates $2,500 in parts to stolen Corvette guy

Last week the news broke that a 1968 Corvette convertible that had been stolen 37 years ago was returned to its original owner, Alan Poster, after authorities had found it just before it was about to be shipped to a buyer in Sweden.
Mr. Poster received a nice surprise during an interview with Cruise Control Radio when Harlan Charles, the Corvette’s current product manager, informed him that GM Restoration Parts and Chevrolet were extending him a $2,500 credit to buy parts to restore the stolen vehicle.

The ’68 Vette is missing its gas tank, carburetor and transmission, and its original International Blue paint has been changed to Silver. Poster, who had just bought a 1974 Corvette before his boosted ride was returned, says he’ll restore the ’68 model and paint it the original blue before he bequeaths it to his 17-year-old daughter. He better have one helluva Father’s Day gift coming to him.

[Source: GM]

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