Wickipedia for racing = Trackpedia

In a high-octane induced moment of brilliance, Billy Newport and his buddies came up with the idea of creating a Wikipedia-like website called Trackpedia that offers a community-built and –maintained resource for driving circuits.
While the site is still young, the idea is for drivers to share information with their fellow lead-foots including everything from the best line to hold in turn 3 at Gratten to the best place for a beer after a lap of the Ring in Germany.

This link to the Trackpedia page on Mid-Ohio Raceway illustrates how helpful a resource the site could become to every racer. It includes a track summary with links to the facility’s website and a Google Map of its location, a five-day weather forecast for the area, a track map with a turn-by-turn track guide, and videos of various racers trying to tame the track.

If you’re a racer with a favorite track, head on over to Trackpedia and share with the rest of us what you know.

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