Flint mayor floats proposal to GM and Delphi

Flint mayor Don Williamson has a lot to lose if Delphi and GM face further weakening, or worse yet, extinction. Therefore, give the guy some credit for trying to develop a solution to the problem instead of just whining about it. Williamson has come up with a seven-page plan, modestly titled "Save All of America" (even the spotted owl?) that's centered around a proposal requiring Delphi and GM employees to invest 5% of their pre-tax earnings into their employer's stock for five years.
The meeting to discuss the plan, conducted with Delphi head Steve Miller and U.S. Rep. Dale Kindee, has ignited criticism for Williamson, but David E. Cole from the Center For Automotive Research states that the mayor "has some interesting ideas" and that such a program would force employees to "be more cognizant of business issues including the importance of dramatic change during a period of fundamental change in the business model."

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