Meet the blokes hosting Top Gear in the U.S.

We reported on a press release issued a while back that offered up some details about a forthcoming U.S. version of Top Gear. We learned that along with dropping the laid back and loitering look of the British version’s venue, the U.S. version will get new hosts, as well.

Thanks to Autoblog reader Berto, who noticed some new pics on Top Gear’s website, we can now introduce you to Top Gear America’s team of hosts. The Stig, however, has been imported in order to do the wheel work on the show.

We wish we could give you comprehensive bios on each new host, but all we got are some vagaries about each lug from Top Gear that goes something like this: “Bruno, a professional drag racer with casual tales of crashing at 230mph; John, the super keen jock, blessed with quaint 'sir and m'am' good manners that only Americans can do; and Johnny, a former reality show winner with a nice line in weird humour.”

Perhaps I’m behind on my consumption of reality TV, but which one’s Johnny and what show was he on?

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