Chevrolet SSR gets (earlier) appointment with destiny

Apparently, the market for retro-minded, $40,000, 400-horsepower flip-top pickups (that can't haul diddly) isn't as robust as we originally thought. The deeply irrational, yet oddly compelling Chevrolet SSR has a date with the Great Crusher In The Sky... and that date is March 17. Or so.

[Source: The Associated Press via Car & Driver]

When General Motors announced back in November that it would shutter the Lansing Craft Centre in Michigan, it expected to keep pushing SSRs out the front door until sometime this summer-- but the model's demand has fallen off the (already very low) table, hastening the plant's closure.

Michigan's capitol city has had a tough go of the auto industry the past few years, losing Oldsmobile's headquarters when GM deep-sixed the brand, and now it faces the closure of a facility once heralded as the cradle of the company's niche-market production future.

On the bright side, at least the 2006-issue SSR had the foresight to dress up in a black tie for its own funeral. See you at Barrett-Jackson in 2036, boys.

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