Thumbs up on Chrysler; thumbs down on Geely; mixed for Ford

Those were the reactions of ten “typical buyers” selected to be panelists by the Detroit News to gauge reactions to various concepts and vehicles at the North American International Auto Show ( NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan. The ten toured the Detroit show last Tuesday.

[More after the jump] Chrysler’s offerings received the most praise: the Imperial Concept (pictured) was a favorite and all were willing to recommend the Dodge Caliber to friends and family. (Check here and here for Autoblog readers’ reactions and comments on the two vehicles.)

The Chinese Geely vehicle was universally derided, with panelist Rick Anderson refusing to step on the stage with the 7151 CK sedan. "It's junk. It's Chinese. It's made with slave-labor rates. Don't ask me to get near it,” he said.

And reaction to the Japanese vehicles didn’t fair much better. The Nissan Versa was panned; same with the Honda Fit. (Again, see here for Autoblog readers’ reactions and comments on the Japanese compact vehicles.)

Reactions to Ford and General Motors ( GM) concepts and vehicles were also mixed; while most liked Ford’s F-250 Super Chief and the Chevrolet Camaro, others thought Lincoln’s (Ford’s luxury brand) offerings were more in competition against GM's lower-end Buick than its top-of-the-line Cadillac line.

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