VIDEO: Jeep Wrangler was a smashing hit in Detroit

My weak little pic of the new Jeep Wrangler smashing through the front glass wall of Cobo Hall doesn’t compare to this video of the Jeep doing the deed. That’s Tom Lasorda, head honcho of the Chrysler Group, riding shotgun. And yes, for those who only stalk A-list celebrities, that is Angie Harmon who almost gets run over.
Do notice that there’s a clip missing from this video that comes to us from Chrysler itself. You see the Jeep driving down the street one moment and the next it’s climbing the brand’s artificial mountain. How’d it get there? The Jeep had to traverse a few public steps to get to the mountain, which it did so in a relatively ungraceful manner that can be attributed solely to the graceless driver. Still, it’s one of a handful of vehicles that could even do it in the first place.

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