Hybrids for all reasons

Looking for a hybrid SUV? Check out the new Saturn Vue or, for those looking for more luxury, the Lexus RX400h.
Or what if you want a full-size SUV or pickup but don’t want the derogatory remarks about its lack of fuel-efficiency? How about a Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra hybrid pickup. What about a hybrid luxury car? Well, you’ll have to a wait a bit longer but the hybrid version of the new LS 460 is in the pipeline.

G. Chambers Williams III of the San Antonio Express-News provides a nice summary of the dazzling array of hybrids currently available and unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. He covers everything from full-on hybrids (e.g., the Prius) to mild versions (e.g., Accord, Sierra). While the list is fairly comprehensive (where's the Nissan Altima hybrid?), he does point out the many issues still plaguing the automakers on the vehicles: recouping the cost of the technology and battery shortages.

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