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Detroit Auto Show Wrapup: EDAG Saturn Sky Sportwagon?

You didn't expect the stylists at  EDAG Engineering Design AG to stop at the Solstice, did you? Along with the lipstick red Pontiac displayed innocuously on the fringes of COBO Hall, EDAG also showed a rendering of the diminutive roadster's platform-mate, the forthcoming Saturn Sky.

And though EDAG's area was bereft of a physical Sky demonstrator, the display placard wrapped on one of the hall's ubiquitous concrete pillars showed a more compelling application of the company's Kappa-Kap for General Motor's winning little platform. As illustrated here, the 'Sky Sportwagon' exhibits a significantly more attractive profile, with the plunging rearward pillar dovetailing agreeably with the taillamps and bumper cap. As the illustration lacks a visual b-pillar (a production version would likely have a glassed-over 'hidden' support) the side glazing can extend rearward in a harmonious teardrop... a marked improvement on the EDAG Solstice's heavy-handed mid-section.

No word on the production viability of this concept, but if EDAG's Solstice lid gets produced as expected, a Saturn variant might not be far behind...


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