GM's veep of global product development, Bob Lutz and his so-called 'Golden Gut' have become the stuff of business legend. Tales of Lutz walking in on a team well into a vehicle's gestation, only to utter a disappointed 'no' and send designers scurrying for their Dynoc have been well-publicized. So it comes as something of a surprise that an 11th hour reworking of the Camaro concept didn't come at Maximum Bob's behest, but rather at that of General Motors' Chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner.

Apparently, the NAIAS showstopper was originally destined to be even more of a throwback than it is, but a last-minute Wagoner walkthrough nixed a finished original for mining the nameplate's past a little too closely.

A second design team was brought in under GM's Ed Welburn (VP of global design), and the two combined to create the design that sallied forth earlier this week to great acclaim in Detroit.

This begs the question: How is it that the Chairman and CEO of GM would not look in on the development of what was obviously the company's most important concept car this year until the last minute?




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