Building the Camaro Concept

Chevrolet has released this photo gallery of the Camaro Concept development. The new Camaro, shown above next to the '69 Camaro SS of Ed Welburn, GM VP Global Design, was arguably the hit of the Detroit Auto Show, and by any measure a home run for Chevrolet.

Photos of the concept car under development after the jump
The full-sized clay model being built at the GM Design Center in Warren, Michigan. Computer numerically-controlled machines are used to transfer the shape from the computer design files to the clay model, but extensive hand-sculpting is still required to bring the shape to life.

A clay mock-up of the interior, using prototype parts.

Hand-crafting the final bodywork.

A good view of the car on its alignment jig.

Final assembly of the interior.

The reward: Ed Welburn, GM Vice President, Global Design, with the EyesOn Design Award for the best concept car realization at the Detroit Auto Show.

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