A-list show gets B-list celebrities, and organizers like it that way

For those who don't know, Detroit's prom is tonight -- the automotive industry prom, that is. Movers and shakers from throughout the industry don their tuxes and evening gowns and converge upon Cobo for the North American International Auto Show's Charity Preview Night, a huge $6 million fundraiser and the last exclusive event before the doors open to the public.

In the past, automakers brought in big name celebrities to make Charity Preview special, the most infamous performance being chalked up to megastar Celine Dion. Cars were damaged, people were stampeding, and the night was generally a disaster. Since then, only B-list stars have been invited, like Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer and The Bachelor's Bob Guiney. This year, the big star is Ashanti, brought in by Chrysler for a quick set. She may not be B-list, but at least the cars will stay intact.

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