Pony Poll update: Challenger and Camaro concepts dead even

We are amazed at the number of people who have voted so far in what has been dubbed the “Pony Poll”. Over 5,600 people have voted (as of 4:00AM EST) for either the Dodge Challenger Concept or Chevy Camaro Concept as the pony car with the best presence at this year’s Detroit auto show and the race is nearly dead even. The Camaro Concept had been leading in the voting all day long, but some time after midnight the Challenger Concept pulled ahead by the slimmest of margins. Right now it’s leading by only 18 votes.

Since we don’t want to be counting chads when this is all over, we decided to put some video up of each concept’s debut so that people could actually see these cars from a few more angles. If you haven’t voted yet, you can do so below.

Video of Challenger Concept
Video of Camaro Concept
Which pony car wins Best of Show?
Dodge Challenger Concept
Chevy Camaro Concept

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