DCX and VW minivan deal actually happened

It has been speculated for so long and was unofficially confirmed in L.A., but we said we wouldn’t believe it until we saw it. Well, here’s visual confirmation that DaimlerChrysler and VW have shook hands and finalized a deal whereby DCX will be producing minivans for VW alongside its own beginning in 2008.
One company needed a minivan and the other had some extra capacity at plants that are flexible enough to accommodate a different model, so the deal makes sense. The VW minivans will be produced only for the North American market and we’ll be interested to see if VW, which in the past has been very good at differentiating a number of models based on the same platform, will succeed in differentiating its own minivan from the next generation Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country.

[Source: DaimlerChrysler]

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