Detroit Auto Show: BMW

Here's a leftover post and some live shots for y'all... In its exhibit area at the North American International Auto Show, BMW featured its X3 EfficientDynamics Hybrid Drivetrain Concept that premiered in Frankfurt last fall.

The vehicle has technologies that, in combination, deliver fuel savings of around 20 percent while not sacrificing performance – the vehicle’s 0-60 time has been estimated to be around 6.7 seconds. Stripped down to the bare bones, the vehicle is really just a hybrid X3, but other technologies make the SUV special. High Precision Injection is comprised of jet-guided direct fuel injection that improves efficiency. The electric engine provides significant low-end torque along with the other benefits inherent in hybrid vehicles. Active Transmission houses the electric motor, dual-clutch gearbox and complete control and power electronics in a package much smaller than other hybrid setups. Regenerative braking rounds out the technology with a way to store and reuse the energy normally lost when braking.

 BMW's Helmut Panke announced on Monday that, while we may not see this vehicle exactly as-is, we should see some of the technologies on the vehicle in production within the next few years.



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