The North American International Auto Show is nothing if not a source of excellent grub. And for good reason – the manufacturer who can attract the most journalists wins, and one way to do that is to have the best food. Or, in the case of Nissan, good food, a dedicated wireless connection and really, really comfy chairs.

[More mouth-watering images courtesy Autobloggers Erin and Chris after the jump]

Nosh with Nissan (pic above)

The gracious and charming Aramark servers over at the Nissan booth circulated with tasty Asian treats ranging from spring rolls to chicken and steak satay. After washing it all down with some Japanese Asahi beer, journalists were ready to hit the floor for the afternoon.

Beverages with Bentley

We weren't sure if it was the lack of anything newsworthy from the Bentley court or a thoughtful reluctance to serve anybody English food, but Bentley was kind enough to offer beverages to quench the thirst of preview attendees between press conference. The elaborate, regal-looking pitchers were especially nice.

Weiden with Volkswagen

Beck’s beer is gross even when served by Germans, but Volkswagen is said to have the best grub. Delicious soft pretzels with scrumptious Dijon mustard, white sausage with more mustard, potato pancakes with applesauce, and apple cake round out the fare.

For lunch on Tuesday Chris and I had chicken, artichoke pate and seasoned carrots for lunch, as well as flat noodles with sauteed cucumbers, shrimp and... get this... caviar.








Drinking with DaimlerChrysler

Not for the faint of liver. Conversation flows freely, and alcohol flows more freely with the likes of Dieter Zetsche and Jason Vines behind the bar. Since we spent most of our evenings working, we wondered how those hundreds of journalists actually had time to party. We’ll have to get more practice at that.

More pics for you to "feast" your eyes on:





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