Honda Civic: "An oldsmobile for supergrans"

Remember our post on the Detroit News and The Truth About Car’s take on the new Civic’s future as a tuner car?
Well, Jeremy “ I’m more popular than Angelina Jolie” Clarkson has had a chance to tool around in Honda’s latest and has given his verdict.

He likes it, but not, apparently, for the tuner set. (“ But younger people won’t buy a Civic, so it doesn’t matter.”)

The clientele he envisions buying the vehicle—the “older” set—will like it for its value (e.g., So, while the Civic is no cheaper to buy than its rivals, and has no more equipment as standard, the value is off the scale.) and its smooth drive (e.g., I t makes 30mph feels like 80…my mother for that matter, can at least feel they’re travelling quickly without actually getting the impression they’re stuck in an interstellar wormhole.)

So does that diminish the Civic in front of young eyes? That depends if your grandma's sits in front of the tellie all day or, like Jeremy's grandmother, is laying stone flag floors in her latest house.

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