Honda Modula ti Bick

In my nightly web wandering I ran across this on Response, a Japanese language automotive news website. It appears to be a sporty hybrid concept by Honda called the ti Bick, which could itself be a horrible mistranslation by Google. It would appear this car actually debuted at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon as a Modulo Concept, which is a brand of Honda Access, a manufacturer of Honda aftermarket parts. These pics that were released recently are probably just the first high quality pics of the concept to be officially released by Honda.

We don’t know anything about the "ti Bick" itself other than that it’s based on the new Civic Hybrid and appears to use cameras in place of side mirrors. It's certainly a trick ride for the eco-minded among you, and points for any Japanese-speaking Autobloggers out there who can shed some light from the land of the rising sun on this.

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