Repost: Autoblog readers are hilarious...

[Image problems repaired - here it is again, all in one piece - Ed.]

...and we can prove it. Last week's TGIF post, if you didn't catch it, was a caption contest with no real award other than the respect and admiration of fellow Autoblog readers. We came across some entries that were so funny that we want to make it as easy as possible for those respondents to cash in on that reward, so we're reprinting them here. Here are our favorites, or, to find your own, visit the post here.

 [Warning: some of these entries are PG-13. We're carding at the door -- really.]

 From Not Funny Guy:

 1. Bob, always trying too hard to look cool, took "laying pipe in the backseat" way too literally.

 2. The first all female works crew refuses to fix their error explaining, "you should know what we mean."

 3. Scientists conclude 47 is the number of speakers it takes to be the world's biggest asshole.

From John:

2. Come on, I can't believe they misspelled the word "spot"!

3. aaaah, but does it have a jack for my ipod?

From Greg:

2. President George W. Bush decides to help with the Katrina recovery effort by rolling-up his sleeves and doing some street painting work.

From Fire Sermon:

   4. Officer: I'm sorry sir, but under Benetton regulations you're required to carry at least two token visible minority passengers at all times

From Shawn:

1. Moments later, Mario met a terrible fate; crushed to death by a Fiat. If only he'd chosen the *other* warp pipe.

3. "Duuuude. I blew all my money on this wicked speaker array. Maybe next month I can buy a radio."

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