Ford Reflex concept resists retro

The February issue of Road&Track features some supplied photos of Ford’s passenger car concept called the Reflex that will debut in Detroit next week. It seems Ford wants to get away from retro for a bit, and designer Freeman Thomas (formerly of Chrysler) has certainly created an original design that doesn’t rely on past influences.
R&T reports that the Reflex features a 1.4L turbodiesel with hybrid-electric assist, making it a low-slung sports car with serious eco-intentions. The hatchback seats three in a 2 1 configuration with the rear passenger straddling the middle and flanked on either side by storage. Gull-wing doors open up to reveal front seat frames that are exposed and wrapped in a semi-transparent mesh material, which, along with a glass roof, supposedly makes the interior appear larger than it is.

The Reflex is certainly unique, though Road&Track lumps it together with the Iosis introduced in Frankfurt last year. Frankly we don’t see the resemblance but rather see differences that are due no doubt to the fact that one was designed in North America and the other Europe. Though it’s difficult to see in these pics, Ford’s prominent three-bar grille is present here low on the car’s face, which suggests that the design of the Reflex contains some elements we may see in future Ford products. Probe replacement, perhaps?

[Source: Road&Track magazine, February 2006]

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