New Meta city car - full info and pics

We posted preliminary info on the new Meta city car by Garage Italia Srl back in November. Well, after its debut at the Bologna Motor Show, the company has its website up, with lots more information, pics and video.

The Meta is offered in five models: Sport, Top, Electric, Safari and Basic. Italiaspeed quotes the Director of Garage Italia, Giovanni Galvano, as saying "Meta is a synthesis of the best of 'Made in Italy.' The whole project has been aimed at creating an extremely safe, small vehicle to be used alternatively to a car for individual transport in our congested cities reducing both the need for parking space and running costs." I'd say the phrase "small vehicle" is an understatement - the Meta is only 4 ft 6 in wide and just over 8 ft long.

The car will be launched in Italy in 2006, with export to other Mediterranean countries to follow.

More pics and specs after the jump.

[All photos courtesy of Garage Italia, unless otherwise linked] Engine and chassis:
  • front wheel drive
  • 505 cc gas, 505 cc diesel, 15 kW electric
  • continuously variable transmission
  • suspension: double A-arm front, independent horizontal swing arms in the rear
  • 14- or 15-inch wheels

  • passenger seat folds flat to increase storage room
  • removable side windows
  • digital instrument panel located in center of steering wheel, which automatically adjusts display brightness to suit ambient light

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