Motley Fool and the tale of stolen Toyotas

This article by the Motley Fool points out why the back doors of certain Toyota vehicles are being boosted from their hinges on a regular basis.
“Thieves have discovered that the car doors are incredibly easy to remove -- and lucrative to boot. While it's unlikely the thieves are getting paid more than a fraction of the $5,000 to replace a "lost" door, it's apparently still enough to make the theft worthwhile.”

Interesting, right? What car enthusiast wouldn’t want to read more on thieves and cars (especially if they own said vehicles).

Except it’s not really the point of the article. Instead, the article reveals that it’s an example of “scuttlebutt” and the entire point was to illustrate, of all things, finding investment information.

If an investor notices that Toyotas are being targeted in unusually high numbers by thieves, that suggests those vehicles are popular, even "dangerously popular" as the fools suggest. That news is bad for Toyota owners, and, according to these guys, bad news for GM and Ford stock, as theives seem to be taking a pass on Impalas and Five-Hundreds.

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