GKN reinvents the CV joint

Constant-velocity joints pose severe limitations to designers of automotive drivetrains and suspensions, as these components are bulky, heavy, and are limited in the amount of angle through which they can operate. GKN's new Countertrack and Crosstrack joints, however, use a subtly different system of tracks for the joint's balls, and this allows them to be made 8% smaller, 15% lighter, 30% more efficient, and operate through a increased range of angles (up to 50 degrees). That last feature is especially important for improving the maneuverability of front-wheel-drive cars and increasing the suspension travel of 4WD vehicles. The new joints are also said to be quieter and have less lash, as well. If indeed these claims are true, then GKN's prediction that these will become the new industry standard are not difficult to believe.
[Source - GKN]

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