Car Craft's dyno "racing" event

Car Craft has decided to eschew pesky variables that show up in speed contests such as "driver skill", "traction", and "weather" and simply crown those that can put down the most horsepower to the drive wheels on a Mustang dyno.
The event will take place at the March 18th Autorama show in Cleveland, OH, and will split entrants up into five categories depending on engine size and power adders. At the risk of stereotyping, this seems more like something that import guys would do - muscle car types are usually the ones laughing at the guy with 600 HP and 13-second timeslips - but I guess that a measurement of horsepower at the wheels isn't really much more irrelevant to real-world performance than dragstrip timeslips. At any rate, the MkIV Supra boys should love this event.

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