Michigan court overturns $6.2 million age-discrimination verdict against General Motors

Call it a solid week for the General's lawyers. Earlier today, Autoblog told you about a Chicago appeals court upholding GM's position on sponsoring religious groups. On the heels of this news comes a Michigan appeals court verdict overturning a $6.2 million age discrimination judgment against the automaker.

The Michigan Court of Appeals found unanimously that the claims of two Orion plant workers, Ellis Ross and Roger Holland, were incorrectly combined into a single legal case. Both plaintiffs held that General Motors had passed them up for promotions because of their age, but as they were not pursuing the same job posting (and didn't have the same qualifications, seniority, or positions), the appellate court's ruling means that both cases must have separate trials.

The court also ruled that some of the testimony offered by the plaintiff's co-workers was prejudicial, and thus inadmissible.

[Source: Associated Press via Houston Chronicle]

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