Locally produced E-Class goes on sale in China

Forbes is reporting that Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Auto Co Ltd (take a breath) has begun accepting orders for E280 and E200K models produced locally in Beijing’s Yizhuang economic development zone. The models are priced at 620,000 yuan ($76,543 USD) and 525,000 yuan ($64,815 USD), respectively. The vehicles are being produced in a temporary factory that was set up in November by BBDC.

We think the production of Benzes in China will be a real test for the labor force in that country. If China is to set the world on fire when it begins to truly export its automotive wares globally, then build quality will need to be improved significantly over what’s currently considered the norm for many locally produced vehicles. Assembling Benzes in the Mother Land is good practice as it doesn’t matter where a Mercedes is made, as long as it wears a three-pointed star on its nose it needs to be assembled using world class standards.

[via eMercedesBenz]

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