Dakar Rally live coverage

The world's toughest cross-country rally starts New Year's eve, but online coverage of the event is already underway, as technical scrutineering began today (see photo at right).
Live reporting of the run-up to the event, and the rally itself, is available at the Dakar Rally website.

Another source of Dakar coverage, including video clips, is Eurosport.com, here.

Dakar coverage through the day, including video, is available on Raid-Live, here.

HUMMER fans can follow Team Dakar USA here.

Our North American readers can follow the Dakar on Outdoor Life Network, with 20 hours of TV coverage beginning January 2. The broadcast schedule is here.

This year's Dakar will be very different from the Dakar of last year. GPS navigation is outlawed this year, and co-drivers will have to navigate using a Road Book issued by the organizers the night before the stage. An officially provided GPS unit will only activate its cockpit display within 3 km of a checkpoint, to guide the racers in. The rest of the time, the unit only provides data to rally organizers, to track the competitors. If a team becomes lost, they can activate the unit to find their way back on course, but they incur a time penalty. Other changes include speed limits (GPS-enforced) in settlements, reduced fuel capacity on motorcycles, and a maximum moto speed limit of 150 km/h.

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