Canadian government wants an idle-free Canada

The Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada has launched a campaign to stop unnecessary engine idling, as part of the government's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve fuel.
In the colder parts of Canada (which is about 99 percent of the country, this time of year) leaving the car idling while you warm it up first thing on a frigid morning or to keep the car warm while you dash in to the corner store is almost a tradition. In the really cold parts of the country, it used to be commonplace to see rows of vehicles parked outside a bar with the engines running in below-zero weather.

Well, the OEE is cracking down on idling because it wastes fuel, affects air quality, and "is not good for your car's engine." There are Canadian communities which have gone so far as to pass "idling-control" by-laws, with fines ranging from $100 to $380.

The "Idle-Free Zone" website is chock full of tips for starting an anti-idling campaign in your city or town, if you're so inclined.

[Thanks for the tip, Glenn!]

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