Autoblog Podcast #19

Autoblog Podcast #19 is here, which is a feat since it almost got lost in the shuffle during our "maintenance" time. Regardless, it's ready for your downloading and listening pleasure.
Since we did some work behind the scenes here at Autoblog we're not expecting the new episode to show up in iTunes quite yet. We'll be redoing our feed to the service very soon and have that feature back up as quickly as possible.

On Autoblog Podcast #19 the always effervescent Stuart Waterman and I reveal the winner of the Autoblog/Automoblox 12 Days of Christmas Contest and discuss our own thoughts on what we think Santa should be driving. We also let loose our comments on Ford's soap opera in December with the AFA and GLBT community, and finally we discuss GM's plans for the Saturn Ion and what that means for Saturn itself.

Hope you enjoy it. You can download the podcast here.

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