DaimlerChrysler settles lawsuit over emissions controls

The Justice Department and the EPA announced last week that it had settled a lawsuit with DaimlerChrysler over emissions controls on nearly 1.5 million Jeep and Dodge vehicles. It should cost DCX $90 million to extend the warranty of the catalytic converters of 700,000 of the vehicles and notify 500,000 other owners that their vehicles are covered under warranty per the Clean Air Act. The $90M also goes towards recalling around 500,000 of the vehicles to fix the on-board diagnostics that check the catalytic converter. Unfortunately for the automaker, the settlement also carries a $1 million fine and a promise to implement a $3 million program to reduce diesel emissions.

The lawsuit was a result of an Environmental Protection Agency/California Air Resources Board investigation of DCX's 1996-2001 Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, Dodge Ram pickups, vans and wagons and Dakota trucks.

Edwin gets a nod for the tip.

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