TGIF: Mercedes-Benz AMG time waster

It's ice racing, AMG-style! If you're so unfortunate as to actually have to work today, never fear -- by clicking the link, you'll be magically transported to three challenging, snowman-populated ice tracks, perfectly poised to kill at least an hour of your day today.
Drive the SL55 AMG, AMG C-Class DTM, or the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG through the cones, around the snowmen, and into the top slot in the high scores. Each car has different handling, acceleration and braking -- with all those curves, try your hand first at the SLK 55 AMG. Once you get the hang of it, acceleration is the key -- the AMG C-Class DTM is the king in that category. Don't forget to register your high score to show off the prowess of our Autoblog readers. We played a bit yesterday and landed Autoblog in the top ten with C-Class DTM, so we'll see if our scores can survive the day.

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